My Fight Against Thyroid Cancer

Tournament Founder, Cole Scattarelli was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March of 2012. At the age of twenty-five it was hard for him and his family to hear the news.


Cole is a born and raised Minnesota boy from Elk River, MN. Growing up an athlete, Cole played hockey, baseball, and football. After high school Cole moved to Vermont to play hockey and later returned to Minnesota to play for Hamline University.


Upon graduating from Hamline in 2011, Cole entered graduate school at St. Scholastica. A lump was detected in his first semester during a routine doctors visit. After a few tests, Cole returned to school where two days later he received the news that he had thyroid cancer.


Nothing could prepare Cole for the news of cancer, but breaking it to his family and friends was the hardest part. Having to reassure everyone that he would be okay was not an easy task.


Wanting to move forward as fast as possible, Cole underwent surgery at the University of Minnesota in May of 2012. Cole returned to school five days later and was able to finish the

semester on time. Encouragement and compassion from his professors did not go unnoticed and

was a big reason for his continued academic success.


Fighting against cancer has been an emotional roller coaster. A big thanks to everyone that has been there including all his family, friends, and doctors.


Since Coleʼs initial surgery he has had an additional surgery, iodine radiation treatment, and a full body scan. We are thrilled to report all of Coleʼs results show no signs of cancer and he is now in remission, living life the only way he knows how - to the fullest.


“I understand that there is always someone going through a worse prognosis and I feel the need to help. I am hoping others feel the need as well. Cancer is a deadly, life changing disease, which demands the support and aid of others. Please join me and the many others in the fight against cancer.” - Cole Scattarelli

 Tournament Director: Cole Scattarelli

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